Ferrari Pietro Snc was founded in 1963 by Ferrari Pietro and his grandson Carlo.

The company initially was a light metal construction company, but since 1976 it was expanded and its production was oriented, from Pietro's sons Guido and Giovanni Ferrari, to medium-heavy carpentry.

The range of the production was extended to the construction of basaments for machine tools and presses, the construction of frames and booms for cranes, liftels and the equipment for steel plants.

Ferrari Pietro

In 2000 the company began operating in the Oil & Gas industry, in particular as regards the equipment and the carpentry of the actuators for subsea valves, working with leading industry players (Cameron, Petrolvalves, Perar, Galperti, ATV).

February 17, 2015 Ferrari Pietro obtained the Certification for Quality Management Systems EN ISO 9001.

Considering the importance and criticality represented by the welding process, February 18, 2016 Ferrari Pietro obtained the Certification for Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials EN ISO 3834-2

The company continues to make improvements both in management and technical, in order to satisfy an increasingly demanding and evolved market.